ERP + 智慧工廠 4.0

IoT Application

成熟 ERP 系統 + PLC 裝置聯網 + 智慧排程

ERP + 智慧工廠 4.0

擁有超過百家 ERP 系統建置產業經驗,包含有成本與訂價系統、人事管理系統、銷售管理系統、物料管理系統、採購管理系統、倉儲管理系統、生產管理系統、品質管理系統、權限管理系統等。

​搭配 PLC 聯網設備,將 PLC 相關 Data 傳回 ERP 系統中,進行訂單分析及生產模型預測,就動稼率及訂單達成率中提供管理人員決策重要訊息。

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IoT Application

應用在智慧教室、智慧長照 2.0、智慧工廠 4.0



This is an IoT smart IR transceiver device, focus on consumer electronic IR transceiver. To replace the regular remote controller is the major purpose on this device.



  • Support TV / Fan / Air Conditioner IR remote communication protocol

  • Wide range IR TRANSCEIVER

  • Highly integration IR protocol (NEC / RC4/ RC5 / Sony and etc.)

  • Environment temperature detection and linking to Air Conditioner adjustment

  • Support beacon scanner for indoor positioning & identification

  • Backup battery power to sense people.

  • Smart IR remote code learning and identification

  • Support Bluetooth 4.1 BLE spec


HW Specification

  • 38KHz frequency, 940nm wavelength for IR modulation and receiver.

  • 10m distance with 90 degree transmit angle.

  • Environment temperature detection. (0℃ ~ 50℃)

  • Support 500mAh battery with charger

  • 3 LEDs indicator for charging, input power & power good

  • Support microUSB connector for power supply

  • Power consumption : 250 mW

  • +/- 2000V ESD protection (ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC)

  • PCB dimension (mm) : 75(W) x 55(H) x 10(D)


This is an IoT smart door guard device, focus on people access doors in building. This solution will help to monitor and to note that the record of access. It also can group the people whose have authority to pass the door. It will alarm the system or guard who try to pass the door illegally.



  • Easy to pass doors.

  • Lead you to the destination in build.

  • Easy to control people list in white & black list.

  • Build in door phone to talk to administrator.

  • Support two ways to enter door.

    • Sensing wireless

    • Password

  • Support 100 people list and can be extend to 2000 people list

  • Build in solenoid & buzzer control.

  • Build in temperature detector

  • Support Bluetooth 4.1 BLE spec

    • 2.4GHZ transceiver

    • -93dbm sensitivity in Bluetooth low energy mode

    • TX Power -20 to +4dbm

    • RSSI (1db resolution)


HW Specification

  • Support solenoid driving directly.

    • Wide voltage supply range : +8V ~ +32V

    • High output driving current : 1.5A or 3A

    • Support PWM driving signal

  • Support PWM signal or power level control to drive buzzer

  • Environment temperature detection. (0℃ ~ 50℃)

  • 3 color LED indicator

  • Support D-Sub 9pin connector for signal and 12V power supply

  • Power consumption : 360 mW

  • +/- 2000V ESD protection (ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC)

  • PCB dimension (mm) : 75(W) x 55(H) x 10(D)

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