完整 FPGA 環境

​跨 ASIC IP 轉換

資深 IC 工程師及


​以 FPGA / ASIC 方式完成高集成電路所需要功能,支持 FPGA / ASIC 中轉換 IP 所需資深 IC 工程師及演算法工程師。


To complete the functions required by high integrated circuits in FPGA / ASIC, and support senior IC engineers and algorithm engineers required to convert IP in FPGA / ASIC.

IP License


IP 授權

豐富各項功能 IP 代理銷售,舉凡 RISC-V 32bit/64bit, ADC , DAC, USB 2.0 / 3.0 , SDIO , Audio Processor , Scaler , Power Deliver 3.0, Qi 3.0, Nand Flash Controller, DDR Controller 等。包含其中系統軟體、韌體建置完善及量產相關工具及軟件。

Rich various functions IP agency sales, such as RISC-V 32bit/64bit, ADC, DAC, USB 2.0 / 3.0, SDIO, Audio Processor, Scaler, Power Deliver 3.0, Qi 3.0, Nand Flash Controller, DDR Controller, etc. It includes tools and software related to system software, firmware implementation, and mass production.

Software / Firmware

軟件 / 韌體工程支持

USB 相關驅動程式,在各個平台例如 Windows , Linux (Ubuntu, 麒麟) , Android 安卓 , Mac OSX, iPhone iOS 均有產品化經驗。

MPU, MCU firmware 韌體開發、產品化經驗豐富,LCD USB Scaler 相關應用專精。

USB related drivers have productization experience on various platforms such as Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Kylin), Android, Mac OSX, iPhone and iOS.

MPU, MCU firmware has rich experience in firmware development and productization, and specializes in LCD USB Scaler related applications.