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Business Concept

Based on R&D of integrated circuit products as the corporate positioning, from product research, design, testing to sales, adhering to the principle of seeking innovation and change, in order to achieve the goal of "new technologies, new products, new applications, new values and new markets".
Employees are the company's most important asset and the cornerstone of its success.
Self-management, full authorization, emphasis on teamwork, and common growth are our requirements and expectations for our colleagues, because we believe that in benign interaction and fair competition, every Racer Tech employee is a pillar of talent and a driving force for growth!

Company Culture

Trust and respect individuals: We believe that everyone is sincerely doing their job well and doing their best. At the same time, we believe that their contribution will be recognized and rewarded.

Pursue high standards of achievement and contribution: This is everyone's self-expectation and goal. In order to achieve this goal, we must have a high degree of service enthusiasm, professionalism, and innovative ideas.

Team spirit: We believe that organizing and cooperating is the best way to accomplish our goals, and we believe that three jumbo men are better than one MTK.

Innovation and Adaptation: We believe that in a dynamic and ever-changing environment, only by cultivating the ability to innovate and adapt can we not be eliminated in the new environment and maintain growth.

Honest attitude: We believe that "Trust" is the most valuable and eternal asset in the world. No matter who you are, as long as you treat people with sincerity, you will eventually win trust. "

Business Purpose

Create profits: Profit is the resource for a company to survive and grow.

Development Resources: Develop various resources that can create company profits and maintain company growth.


Continuous growth: Only by continuous growth can we continue to provide opportunities for customers, create an environment for employee growth and development, and ensure the long-term interests of shareholders.


Share with employees: Based on the performance and contribution of colleagues, share the results with employees and ensure their work, life, environment, achievement and satisfaction.


Institutionalized management: Through the operation of various rationalized systems, those who have the ability and those who contribute can give full play to their strengths.

Social responsibility: Based on what is taken from the society and used in the society, we will be obliged to engage in social welfare work and give back to the society, which is also our honor. "

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