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IC Design/System Integration

Racer Tech Co. provides high-performance and reliable IC solutions, and has complete system development support for hardware, software, and firmware, helping customers mass production and launch the market as soon as possible.

Multimedia Display

Racer Tech Co. has richful experience in LCD TV and communication chip development, leveraged the low-latency technology of video and audio packet data on the high-speed data transmission interface USB, and integrates pre-installed software drivers for computers, mobile phones, and laptops.


The software utilizes the advantages of the USB transmission interface that can simultaneously transmit video, data, and power supply, and approached applications such as USB extended monitors, digital LCD display signature devices, and docking monitors.

At the same time, it provides cloud desktop display a SOC, supports cloud virtual machine consumer market terminal display, and provides highly customized and more flexible product application design.

Part No.



LCD TV/Monitor Display with USB source


USB Display



LCD TV/Monitor Display with USB/HDMI

USB Display, Docking Monitor


LCD TV/Monitor Display with USB/HDMI and Multi-format Video Decoder

Cloud Desktop Display

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